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Monokai Demo v1.1 (Bug fix) 13 MB

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Wow, you made this in 3 hours?! This is very impressive - it was instantly clear what I had to do, the difficulty increased at a nice pace, and it's visually stunning!

The only slight issue I had was on the last level - it hadn't been established yet that some exits kill you, and wasn't clear what the difference was between them. I could see this getting frustrating on more difficult levels if the player simply has to blindly guess which is the correct one, but for only a few hours work I think you're really on the right track!

Oh thank you! I'm currently working on this game, I just wanted to make a prototype where some player can playtest and  tell me if I should or shouldn't invest some time on this idea. And well, I think I should. So I didn't have enough time to make the door-key and the trap-door clear for the player... my fault :) but thanks a lot, and about the level difficulty, I'll for sure make this a slow peace increase difficulty. I pretend to increase the game to about 150-200 levels. But thank you Timbo! Hope you still give me new feedback when a new version comes up!